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Panama 79
Old World Organics
intérieur, extérieur
mostly sativa
~70 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Our Panama Red is one of our absolute favorite cultivars here at Old World Organics. The original seed stock was collected in 1970 by one of our founders, and being his favorite smoke of all time, selection began immediately. This line took a great deal of work to stabilize and acclimate to the conditions here in Oregon, but our efforts paid off. We recently took our well worked Panama Red line and crossed it with Ace Seeds Panama, in order to add vigor and make it more suitable for indoor growers. The results have been phenomenal, and we are proud to finally bring this one to the public.

For this cross we decided to pair our newly revamped Panama Red with our classic Northern California Afghani, collected from our good friends along the Lost Coast of Humbolt County in 1979. This cross resulted in robust, high yielding, resistant plants, retaining the electric, psychedelic, mind warping, euphoric high of the original 1970s Panama Red.

Expect vigorous, medium-tall plants, with lemony, hazy, sandalwood scents, packing a massive yield of top quality cannabis. She does great indoors and outdoors, and can handle heat, drought, and humidity and rain equally well.

Flowering indoors: 10 weeks
Flowering outdoors: Late October @45 north
Yield: High
Mold resistance: High
Pest resistance: High
Indica/Sativa: Most phenos are sativa dominant

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