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Out Of Space
Bob Marley Seeds
mostly indica
~70 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

THC: 25%
Origin: Jamaican
Type: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
Height: 110-170 cm cm
Flowering: 65 - 75 days days
Harvest: 400 - 600 g/m2

Out Of Space is one of the perfect strains for outdoor because of its Jamaican origin – its creators took the purest Jamaican Sativa right from nature, and Out Of Space inherited their strength and health. Since Indica part prevails in this strain, its flowers excrete resin intensively protecting plants from insects. Also, Out Of Space has been found better for hasheesh making than a number of other Indica-dominant hybrids.

Grow peculiarities
This strain is not for novice beginners, but experienced cannabis growers can rely on Out Of Space with a commercial project. Any kind of cutting or FIM heals well on most Out Of Space plants if they are given enough space to develop their roots during vegetative phase. Best grown out of doors using LST, since it both reduces the height and covers the sunlit part with flowers. Out Of Space flowers for 65-75 days. Due to its mixed parentage, the strain produces exotic-looking plants. Indica genes make for massive buds, but their shape preserves features of both species. Resin production is so active that at final stages of flowering even lower leaves may become sticky. Average harvest with Out Of Space is about 400-600 g/m2, but training can reward you with more 100-150 g.

Buds produce an intense smell with sour hasheesh notes and spicy tones. Smoke tastes earthy. Smoking Out Of Space is a heavy stone, but Sativa influence makes communication quite possible. Nevertheless, its effect is so deep that Out Of Space has been medically prescribed against headaches.

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