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Nom: Orisha
Eleveur: Mandala
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: sativa
Floraison: ~70 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Mandala Seeds - Orisha

Orisha is a limited edition of a landrace sativa from Nigeria that has been refined by our breeders through careful selection of parent plants and adaptation to modern cultivation methods. It offers you the opportunity to grow a unique, pure sativa from genetics rarely offered commercially despite it's local popularity in Africa. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of marijuana in the world and more than 20% of it's population regularly smoke cannabis. Orisha was named after the mystical ancestors of the Yoruba tribes. Orishás are deities of hunt, fertility, love, etc. They are also characterized as the inner god, which has the power to awaken the deeper spirit of the soul to cure pains and reestablish a balance within. The Yoruba celebrate their ceremonies with ritual drumming, song, and mystical trances in which the orishás are summoned. During these cermeonies herbs and special offerings play a central role. The original seeds were given to us by a musician friend who travelled throughout Africa collecting instruments and studying with African percussionists.

This Nigerian sativa is of medium height, has been adapted to artificial light, and is therefore easily grown indoor. The Nigerian landraces are not fond of extra fertilizing if you are growing in soil. Orisha prefers to grow in quality soil without extra feedings. A mild feeding (EC 0.6-0.7) can however be made if a deficiency is already apparent. This strain grows slim one-cola plants that develop spear-shaped headbuds with small, dark green leaves. For maximum indoor yield the slim growth and modest nutrient requirements can be made to full use. To this purpose you can grow the plants in square 4-5 Liter/1 gallon containers in close rows. Square containers (non-tapering type) are the most efficient in total volume of soil and fit neatly next to each other. If you prefer a long vegetative time exceeding 4 weeks then you will have to provide larger containers. In hydroponics a sea of green style works equelly well. Orisha grows very homogenous so that at first glance the plants seem to be cloned. There are some differences between females regarding bud density and trichome production.
Outdoor cultivation is possible in mediteranean, hot-arid, or semi-tropical regions (for equatorial regions with constant 12/12 daylight please choose Orisha XL). Orisha has good mold resistance, but can be prone to mildew under excessive humidity combined with cold temperatures. It does not like to be overwatered in containers outdoor or in the greenhouse. Due to it's lower nutrient requirements it is possible to cultivate in poorer quality soils, although best results are to be expected in good soil.

The psychoactive effect is strongest for the first 30+ minutes and then continues to work subtly over the next hour or more. It begins with a head centered high that eventually eases into a clear mind-body stone. When smoked in a vaporizer the taste is surprisingly neutral, yet it leaves a long-lasting refreshing taste on the palatte that is very pleasant. Even when the high has passed since some hours, you may still benefit from the appetite enhacing properties for the remaining day. The energizing and motivational aspects of Orisha can also accompany you for quite some time. This sativa is perfect during a day spent with recreational sport and other physical activities. You may even find yourself suddenly inspired to do chores that have been lying around for ages! It is great as an in-between smoke to get in the mood for a party, stay refreshed during work, or to enjoy a day in nature. The ease of use, quality of high, and lack of hangover make this marijuana an interesting choice for smokers and medical users who are not seeking an overpowering stone, but still wish to benefit from the psychoactive effects that it offers. Additional uses can be found in cooking and baking with this predominantly neutral tasting herb.

Type: 100% sativa
Contains landrace genetics from: Nigeria, Africa
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time indoors: 70 days
Flowering time outdoors: early October (south), late October (greenhouse-north)
Yield: 300+gr/m2 (dry weight); 700-800gr per plant outdoor in the ground.
THC: moderate
High: cerebral, energizing, motivational, social; no nervous side-effects (racy heart, etc.).
Recommended for persons seeking a milder stone that does not trigger anxiety or paranoia and which leaves you functional and active. Not suitable for tokers with a high THC tolerance!
Aroma: green pepper, sweet-spicy.
Medical use: good potential against lethargy/lack of motivation and appetite loss. Broad spectrum use.

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