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Nom: Northern Light Auto
Eleveur: Sensation Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: ruderalis/indica
Floraison: Floraison automatique
~67 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)

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Sensation Seeds - Northern Light Auto

Northern Light is among the best-known strains of cannabis all over the world. It's mostly an Indica strain bred in the 1970s in the USA from Afghani genetics. During the 1980s, the plant came to Holland. It became the blueprint for indoor growing. In the last few years, there've been many changes in breeding and growing techniques. Our Northern Light Automatic is a perfect mix of old and new. The flavor and powerful effect of the original Northern Lights is merged with the compact structure and quick flowering capability of the new auto-flowering cannabis categories to make an excellent new adherent of the Northern Lights assemblage, able to complete the entire growth development from germination to harvest with no need for a change in light cycles.

As a potent Indica, the Northern Lights Feminized Autoflowering cannabis seeds bring forth healthy plants that are short with a comparatively huge harvest of solid buds. Northern Light Automatic gives a substantial yield and might be among the highest-yielding autoflowering strains accessible. Growing to a height of about 90-120 cm, it's quite a large plant for an autoflowering diversity, but this is complemented in its yield. Outdoors in Spain, most plants have made up to 200 g, though the average in good circumstances indoors is around 90 g. The unique flavor of traditional Northern Lights gives a revitalizing twist by bright citrus top notes; the outcome is robust, softening muscle tension and creating a feeling of reflective relaxation. It is the same classic strain, just with an autoflowering twist, which makes it a great plant for users medically.

Indica 85%
Ruderalis 15%
Height indoor 75 - 120 cm
Height Outdoor 130 - 165 cm
Effect Strong physical and relaxing high
Flowering Time 6 - 8 weeks
Gen Northern Light x Ruderalis
Type Autoflowering
Yield indoor 510 - 560 gr m2
Yield outdoor 175 - 300 gr
Harvest 9 ~ 10 wks after germination
THC Medium
Taste Sweet and Spicy

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