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Nom: Night Stalkerz OGK
Eleveur: Bean Boyz Genetics
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~65 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Bean Boyz Genetics - Night Stalkerz OGK

This marijuana strain has a dominant indica characteristic. Night Stalkerz is a hybrid from a strong combination of male Grape Gorilla and female Head Band cutting. This weed plant grows taller than other indica strains and is good for super cropping. It also grows and adapts well to outdoor growing method. Night Stalkerz has high THC level content and its stout buds are coated with heavy resins. This weed strain can produce an impressive good yield of 4 to 8 oz of strong marijuana. The flowering time takes 10 weeks and the pot gives a heavy stoned high and puts you to a good and restful sleep. It has sharp fuely sour taste. This superb marijuana genetic creation can please even the most exacting marijuana smoker. Night Stalkerz is a delightful treat to both experienced and first time growers. It can make your growing cycle an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I'd first heard about "Headband" from a friend in Vancouver, They were having huge difficulties "gett'n stoned" with what was available from the Compassion centers (not surprised )around that area. They called it "Headband 707" having to do with an area code. I sent them a few ozs of my flagship strain Buddha Ballz Kush believing that it was the strongest herb we'd come across at that time. Of course you couldn't get any of the HB beans to begin playing with. The same was true with OG Kush, which to me was like the Holy Grail at that time. They were talked about but simply not to be found. With the OGK, it was a clone only strain, cuttings were being passed around by some breeder, one never really know which cutting they were gett'n, or what it might grow. If one tries to follow any genetic creation tale, one always ends up back in Colorado, with a group of mountain bikers sharing their exceptional dank with newbees. Or, it goes to the Dead concert in 91, where between an oz and a pound were exchanged, seeds extracted (herm seeds, by the way) and so it begins. JJNYC has shed some light on what happen after it arrived in NYC. It get's confusing quickly. I have posted the creation tales on this site fore you all to be your own judge as to what took place. Headband is the mingling of these two infamous strains.

The Mamma: I wanted to try and BOOST the power, like always. If you've smoked everyday (like I have) for 40 years, POWER is always in the forefront of all my art work. I do not get stoned on anything anymore. That is a price that I've paid from luv'n Dank so freak'n much. Beginning with a strain that composes both OGK and Sour Diesel is a super place to start.

Headband was my choice. Several clones were sent to me from my younger Bro living in N.Cali. One cutting stood out like crazy. Over time she'd given me so many clones, I was extremely pleased with what was grown. I'd flowered her, smoked her resin soaked buds, then revegged her simply because I was so attached to that particular plant. Revegging in the summer can be an easy task... jess takes time. That summer she'd get her chance to produce some killz beanz.

The Daddy : I wanted to work with the strongest dank trying to add/improve the power. I choose a male from the BBG stable that was created a few years ago that I've called, "Grape Gorilla" which is a combo of Chemdawg D x Grape GorillaXBuddha Ballz Kush. The Gorilla is one of my favorite smokes. I judge smoke on its ability to taste incredible, makes me cough, spit dripp'n from my mouth, eyes water'n, and sweet smoke in the air. That be Dank! Also, the herb must "crawl" when cutt'n it up. The resins do this as the herb seems to move on its own when preparing. I cut by hand until all is the same consistency, bunch'n it up on a plate, then watch'n it as it moves in an expending way. This is my GO SIGN. Never lies.

Shit herb does not move in any way, like a pile of salt it sits there. The Gorilla is a MOVER! I have a super Gorilla male that throws some killz herb. He's kinda tall, with a huge head of sites to grow pollen flowers from. I choose males that have these features. Not to mention he is sticky to touch, but not loads of odor.

Male: Grape Gorilla (Chem D X Grape Gorilla X Buddha Ballz Kush)
Female: Headband cutting (Sour Diesel OGKush (Chem '91))
Height: taller, good for super crop'n
Weight: 4-8 ozs, depending on skills, luck. stretches during 12/12
THC: High, super resin production
Scent/taste: SOUR/Fuely/Sharp
Bud Density: Tight Fatties
Flowering: -10 weeks, depending on Pheno
Sativa/Indica: 30/70

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Lignée / Génétique

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