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Nom: Merlin’s Tonic
Eleveur: NorStar Genetics
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~56 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

NorStar Genetics - Merlin’s Tonic

This addition to our CBD menu is a magical treat for all that grow her. She produces beautiful medicating buds with ease, that reward even the novice grower with tasty potent CBD rich flowers. She has a grape hash aroma and flavor, packed into sparkling purple nugs of healing goodness. Most phenos are a 1:1 cannabinoid ratio. Plant some and make your own magical potion!

Sativa: 40
Indica: 60
Indoor Flower Time: 8 Weeks

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Lignée / Génétique

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