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Master Thai
Master Thai's Green Dragon

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Master Thai's Green Dragon
Master Thai
intérieur, extérieur, serre
mostly indica
~50 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

AKA: MTGD-BX7 / MTGD-BX-7 / Green Dragon BX7

A 100% 1970's All Old School #1 Turkish ~ Afgani Indica Preserved By Master Thai. Best Flavors @ 6 weeks cure. I've Been growing this strain on & off since 1974. I feel this is the strongest plant for pain I have or have seen on this planet in the 35+ years I have been growing these fine and rare flowers. 2 hits and the pain is gone period, no other plant I have seen gets this close as a pain killer, very worth while for research study's into pain management.

The Plant strain background is 50/50 mix of my very rare & secret Turkish Indica Landrace & a another secret Landrace Afgan Indica. This is Real Old School - the stuff you look for, but so rare, who wants to let it out once you have it. If you can find it, To date I am the only one I know of with this plant strain today. Very nice chunky Indica, very special Old School Pure Classic, very heavy narcotic, been described by many the high as colorful !!!!

Pineapple size Frosty Frosty Dripping Flowers, It gets beautiful hints of blue/purple over a Lime green frosty white red haired Flower when finished. Looks very Royal in colors. A very beautiful plant will stand out over thing in the garden & in the jar. Splendid eye and scent appeal. Heavy in yields.

A Very Heavy Medicine Plant. Very strong medicine here! Very good for pain/sleep, very calming!
Genetics: Turkish gummy indica x afgani indica (rare ssc m-21 (Victor Baarn) X m-29 (Afghani malawi hybrid) cross)
45 - 55 Days Flower

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