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La Reunion Sativa

La Reunion Sativa

une variété de cannabis aux origines pures

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Informations de base

La Reunion Sativa est une variété sativa dans notre base de données des variétés de races locales et peut être cultivée en l'extérieur. .

Que savons-nous de la variété pure La Reunion Sativa?

Reunion Island is a tiny, remote island, East of Madagascar that boasts anextremely active volcano and large mountain on which Zamal is harvested. Around the middle altitude of this mountain, at the edge of large forested areas, the Zamal reach out, overlooking long white beaches and the crystal clear waters of the reef. The volcanic soil on the island is very fertile, perfect for the Zamal to thrive in abundance and the whereabouts of the purest varieties is a closely guarded secret by the islands oldest growers.

The island has a tropical climate but is moderated by altitude and is home to many insects and birds with the biggest land animal on the island being the Panther Chameleon- an impressively colourful reptile when it wants to be. The reef is home to conger eels, parrot fish, sea turtles and dolphins as well as a large variety of sharks that pose such a threat to humans that there is a ban on entering the waters off more than half the coast. Reunion Island is a melting pot of modern day cultures and nationalities and the plant is cured and consumed the way most modern civilisations do today.

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Critiques sur La Reunion Sativa

Nous avons collecté les avis de un cultivateur pour La Reunion Sativa.

Impression Générale à L'Extérieur

Récolte d'extérieur
Fin de Mars ± 3 Semaines
in BxlHmα climates
Rendement / Quantité En plein air
La récolte de cette souche est très haut
Impression Générale En plein air
La Reunion Sativa est tous ensemble tres bon et tout à fait recommandable
Puissance / Effet durable
La Marihuana affecte fou forte et très longue durée
Votes de nos utilisateurs
La Reunion Sativa obtenir 8.67 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

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Dégustation de La Reunion Sativa

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Effet / Impact

~35% Aactivatrice ~10% Récréative ~20% Aphrodisiaque ~16% Angoissante ~11% Paranoïa ~93% Mental ~7% Physiquement

La Reunion Sativa a fondamentalement un effet extrêmement fort sur le Mental (équitablement Aactivatrice et aussi un petit peu Aphrodisiaque ou Angoissante) mais affecte un peu également l'Physiquement. more

La Reunion Sativa Lignée / Génétique

  • La Reunion - Sativa »»» Sativa

Hybrides & Croisements avec La Reunion Sativa

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Commentaires sur La Reunion Sativa

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- 17.01.2014

Connecté à une recension de La Reunion Sativa!

Let»s start with history:

Before the 16th century, only browsers Middle East, Indonesia and Malaysia, knew the Reunion island.

It was not until 1498, with the arrival of Vasco da Gama in the Indian Ocean, begins the Reunion island«s colonization by Europeans.

English, Portuguese, Dutch and French colonize and compete this island until 1645 when she became French.

Later,the Slave came from Africa, and the period of colonial indenture (volunteer come to India and Asia to work in the sugar cane fields and other) engendered a multi-cultural and harmonious community.

The ZAMAL»s legend:

The legend says the first colonist found a Paradise Island Sprinkle rivers, animals, plants as well as exceptional wide field of cannabis.Slaves and colonial committed sativa seeds brought from their countries.

Over the century, the variety mixes them naturally, brew by strong ALIZER and powerful squall of wind to Clyclone and strong tropical storm.

The mixture of its different sativa relies naturally and create a robust plant able has resisted very strong cyclone, resistant to humidity and heavy rain, able suporter extreme temperature, producing an increased and the incredibly powerful effect.

There are SEVERAL ZAMAL«subspecies, all 100% Sativa:


-Mangue carot

-Filamant rouge

-Kalité 3 Pate

Nature is the one responsible for this plant prodigious.


Over 16 weeks of flowering are sometimes necessary for what happens to maturation.Its taste and its effect is merit. and patience is a virtue which will confer.

You learn to love it because it will give you both for its exceptional quality.It will become an indispensable ally to your artistic creation, you surprise even you!!!


With the advent of hybrid,cannabis is constantly Evolution.

Yet he must Chosen genetic able to maximizer your plant:

Males Zamal be excellent lover for your female Indica.leaving to their offspring, appearance and rapid flowering of their mother indica.

The male Zamal bring robustness, a greater resistance to mildew, an increase in thc: 6 to 10% minimum. Is a final THC over 23% for the hybrid result.

In Summary, whether for wizard apprentices Botany or nostalgic 100% sativa, this plant has all the assets to maximizer your genetic heritage...

NATURAL REUNION SEEDS offers a mix of a different variety of representative ZAMAL’s subspecies.

Guaranteed 100% natural seeds and without hybridization. 100% Landrace REUNION ISLAND.

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