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L.S.D. (Barneys Farm) :: Recension de la Variété :: Indoor :: No.31703899299474626 by kagbeni

Profil d'Plante L.S.D. (de Barneys Farm)

Cette Profil d'Plante est une expression individuelle par , transféré à la 06.10.2012.

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L.S.D. (Barneys Farm)

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kagbeni estime

The seeds were small and immature looking. All failed to sink when soaked and none germinated. I»ve been growing for many many years and my germination rate is usually 90-100%. I«ve had problems with Barneys seeds before (Acapulco Gold) so i probably won»t use them again which is a shame because they produce some great strains but what«s the use in that if you don’t take care with your seed production? (06.10.2012, 08:46)