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Nom: Karina
Eleveur: Pornoseeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~63 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Pornoseeds - Karina

This sexy MILF will make you kiss the sky! Absolutely coated in thick resin, so much so its even all over the stem! This is it folks.....it does'nt get much stronger then this!! She has the best of both worlds giving a very trippy ceriabral effect, clearly from her haitian inherittence and a nice heavy calming body stone thanks to the north indian indica traits. The flavour is incredible almost like a haze and the buzz is out of this world. Not only is this strain not for the weakhearted but it is for the more experienced grower. There are 3 main phenotypes of this sexy lil milf, all are inherently sativa with a hint of indica but the third has a touch more indica then its sisters, with a quicker finishing time and slightly shorter stouter size. This girl can also be done outdoors in northern colder climates although a greenhouse or polytunnel is deferintly needed to protect her from harsh weather conditions. Indoors is best for this girl although the only problem you might have is not wanting to share this super strong weed with your friends! Uk babe tv girl karina currie is the sexy MILF that everyone will want to fuck! Super strong weed of the highest grade for the connoisseurs out there...

As Snoop Dog put it: "The mother i'd luv to fuck, das the MILF weed!"

Genetics: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica; haiti - northern india
Flowering Time: Medium, Long
Outdoor Harvest: preference to warmer climates but oct for northern climates
Height: Medium
THC Level: High 15%-20%
Characteristics: Very very Strong....connoisseur grade

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Floraison d'intérieur: 75 - 105 jours (~90 jours)
Rendement / Quantité Indoor: La récolte de cette souche est absolument risible.
Impression Générale Indoor: est tous ensemble absolument pas recommandable.
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à 27.01.2011, 15:10:Ce commentaire est connecté à un Profil de Plante!

this strain was the worst hybrid strain ive ever seen. grown under 400watts hps, good ventilation, space, love and experience with growing. also grown with CATE HARRINGTON auto flowering afghani, they both reached 4inches in height with a bowl to smoke non each. nice unique smell, but terrible growth and yeild. im not sure if i believe it is porno seeds, as the attitude is where i got my beans from and they refused to send original breeders packaging 3 times. dont buy from attitude, especially pornoseeds.

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