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Nom: Kannabia Special Automática
Eleveur: Kannabia
Lieu: extérieur
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Floraison: Floraison automatique
~90 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)

Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Kannabia Seeds - Kannabia Special Automática

One of the characteristics most appreciated by the growers of this variety from which it descends (from kannabia Special), is that it shows a bushy phenotype of Skunk. We were looking for a rudelaris characterized by the production and creation of inferior branches. As a result of the crossing we obtained a variety of autoflowering that develops as “ shrub “ facilitating the production of long low branches with a few buds on the tops. To get the best development of the plant we must get overturned with the plant during the first weeks of growth, with right food, container and light.p>

Outdoor it´s possible that it may not grow more than one meter, but it will be compensated by lots of side growth. It keeps the smell of fresh fruits with a small Skunk aftertaste.

Excellent production outdoor from May until September.

Height: Medium - Tall
Indoor flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks
Outdoor harvest time: 3 months from seed.
THC level: 8 - 14%
Yield: Medium

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Kannabia Special Automática de Kannabia Seeds est disponible uniquement en graines féminisées. Graines régulières ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 3 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 7 offres entre EUR 7.57 et EUR 61.71

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› Kannabia Special Automática (Kannabia Seeds)

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