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Juan Herer
Pitt Bully
intérieur, extérieur
mostly sativa
~75 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

The lineage of Juan herer is the world's best, combines the three best varieties of all time in a balanced mix of indica and sativa, the main mind has the necessary balance sativa indica buds to mature properly with heavy holding a balloon exceptional sativa , can be just as good early in the morning and before bed.

Power, taste, performance ... it has everything but besides that is a plant with a good level of tolerance, you can have a great harvest of this plant and not ever get bored.

Indoors is to change the photo period sooner than most plants, these plants grow very fast and strong so that compensates for late flowering. Outdoors can be a great plant to germinate even after June, arriving to spend the 100g dry in late harvests. The flowering time is on the photo period, it may take 60 days to the outside starting later extended to 90 days or indoors, if the photo period was maintained at 12-12.
It is recommended for indoor flowering finish with more than 12 hours of darkness without losing nine hours of light.

THC: 16-22%
Effect: psychoactive physically active narcotic in the first shots.
Size: int: 120cm. ext: 300cm
Yield: int: 450g.m2 ext: 1200g.
Flowering: 75 days.
Vegetative interior: 15 days
Outdoor Sowing: Hemisphere-N: March to July Hemisphere-S: September-January
Outdoor harvest: Hemisphere-N: October-November-S Hemisphere: April-May

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