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Josh D OG (Karma Genetics) :: Recension de la Variété :: Indoor :: No.93842346782342201 by Justin108

Profil d'Plante Josh D OG (de Karma Genetics)

Cette Profil d'Plante est une expression individuelle par , transféré à la 10.04.2020.

De récolte, Rendement, Le goût, L'arôme, force et l'efficacité

Puissance / Effet durable
La Marihuana affecte très forte et de longue durée.
Construit tolérance
très lente tolérance éducation.

Impression Générale

Josh D OG (Karma Genetics)

est tous ensemble fou bon variété - absolument recommandable
(En moyenne 10 points sur une échelle entre 0 et 10 !)

Information Additionnelle

Justin108 estime

Josh D OG Kush (SFV OG x Triangle Kush x Hell's Angel OG x The White) by Josh D Farms.

22.43% THC, 0.06% CBD, 26.11% Total Cannabinoids. Terpene profile: Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene.

An expertly bred combination of some of the finest, Indica-dominant heavy-hitters - and you'll feel every bit of those ancestors in every breath! Josh D OG Kush is a potent, Medically and Recreationally valued strain with strong analgesic, nearly narcotic effects. Undoubtedly Indica in character, she provides analgesia, anti-inflammation and insomnia relief, but also heightened senses, relaxation and mood improvement/depression-relief like a dank Sativa (without the anxiety or stress)! The effects are fast-setting and fairly long lasting. I found it helped provide relief for a wide variety of medical symptoms including complications of Liver Disease (Cirrhosis), Schizophrenia/Depression, Nausea, Insomnia and Chronic Pain/Inflammation. With consistently excellent taste, appearance and Medical usefulness, Josh D OG has easily become my preferred Daily Medication. Highly Recommended!
(10.04.2020, 07:59)

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