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Indigo Blue
Dutch Flowers
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~44 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Indigo Blue is our most reliable breeding “miracle worker,” passing on its excellent traits consistently to its progeny, both as clone mother and pollen donor. Even when IB was developed primarily for its use in breeding, it has of course proven an absolute pleasure to grow on its own as well, unconnected to any breeding programme. Since overall quality and vigour in crosses (F1) depends heavily on the intrinsic consistency and unrelatedness of the parental strains (P1), we worked to stabilize our star GCA strain growing out successive generations under intense selective inbreeding, and are now releasing the resulting IBL/IB as an auction-only item. Only 3 lots will be auctioned, so that winning bidders are afforded ample opportunity to recoup expenses by offering IB pure and crosses in subsequent C-Bay auctions. This way, DF preferred role as breeder and primary introductor is fulfilled, leaving dissemination and seedmaking to be carried out by growers self-appointed to the task.

Our Bubblegum clone and Oregon Funk are two key components in IB, and we are pleased to have left ubiquitous Northern Lights, Skunk and Blueberry lines completely out of its composition to produce a quintessential sweet Indica heavyweight. Indigo is indeed a violet-blue postergirl Indica type, full of power and resin, with a built-in sativa component in the high to keep its high world-class potent but not just beefheadedly stupefying. The taste of Indigo Blue is very intense, sweet berries with hashy undertones contributed by its resin coverage. The aroma is very influenced by the Bubblegum clone parent, intense “Bubblicious” chewing gum berry taste. Very dense buds, milky crystal coverage and intense sweet chewing gum smell round-up the reasons for IB's excellent bag appeal.

A very early strain, IB needs to be flowered for about 44 days (as usual, grower preference, environment and individual selected all play a role), and is a prodigious resin producer. Solid buds are borne on long yet stocky colas showing great girth and excellent calyx to leaf ratio, which from a distance look as if they were dipped in a milky-oily white substance, with violet-blue (indigo) tinges. Despite bud density and crystal production, IB has shown herself to be mold resistant. Crystal coverage is surprisingly heavy at mid-flowering (around 25 days) expressing not only on buds but on fan leaves as well, making IB a prime bubblehash producer. IB has been selected for outstanding yield, 125gr and upwards of dried bud can be expected from each plant. Bud weight makes necessary to stake IB early on to help the branches support the weight. The sticky, gooey buds pack as much punch as resin, and even when the Indica stone hits like a hammer to the head, there is a recognizable sativa streak to it, that makes it unusually clear and euphoric with remarkable floaty-visual elements.

Lineage: Bubblegum and Oregon Funk
Indoor Harvest Time: 44 Days

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