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Nom: Hoa Bac 2.0
Eleveur: Desert King
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: sativa
Floraison: ~80 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Desert King Mountain High Seed Co. - Hoa Bac 2.0

We took our largest female Hoa Bac and back crossed it with our largest male Hoa Bac to increase the plants strength and yield. Very Pure Sativa. Stays true to its genetics while increasing yields. Here is an excerpt from seedfinder about Hoa Bac:
" The Hoa Bac Silver Flower...! This strain came directly from Vietnam. It is a super strong sativa...grows like Cambodian varieties rather than Thai with wide leaves growing off bushy plants. The seeds were originally given by a Vietnamese friend of Reeferman’s who wanted to promote the best of what Vietnam had to offer. These plants are from the Comere people and are the best landrace plants that Reeferman has ever had the privilege of working with. This strain will stretch during flowering but nothing like the extent of Thai strains, more like a well behaved Haze strain. "

Flavor: various forms of citrus
Yield: High (3-10+lbs)
Finish time outdoor:November
Flowering time: 11-13 weeks

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