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Nom: High Priestess
Eleveur: SnowHigh Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~91 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

SnowHigh Seeds - High Priestess

High Priestess: (Haze x Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold x C99)

A Killer frosty Old-timers Haze crossed to a Colombian Gold made a good combination of tight frosty flowers with not a lot of leaf on the plant. The Acapulco Gold x C99 male is the famous male that we used to make all the coveted commercial lines like the BlueBerry Blast, Thors Hammer, Magic Man, Aztec Gold and many others which all have benefited with larger buds and high potency. High Priestess is a strain that gives respect for the secret societies of the past that celebrated inebriation and contacting the knowledge from beyond through use of psychotropic plants to gain enlightenment.

This strain balances the larger size and the resin that people crave from the new modern strains but with the old school strains thought provoking and problem solving effects that twist your mind and take you through trips of time and space but in a relatively shorter time frame then stronger harder to control compounds. Plus the positive of learning with this type of cannabis is that once you have learned something from beyond, you can use it as a tool and get to that point easier, access the knowledge that is always present but only those who can put their mind In the right space can see.

We should all worship the High Priestess, as she helps us on our journey to other mysteries.

Flower time range 10-16 weeks+ some phenos may lead to considerably long flower times due to the genetics involved.
Stretch 1 to 3x
Resin production: moderate to high
Odor: 7
Aroma: Honey Suckle, Frankincense, cinnamon, sage, flowers, spicy, grass, dried herbs
Potency: 9
Heirloom Landrace Poly-Hybrid

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