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SnowHigh Seeds
intérieur, extérieur
mostly sativa
~74 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Heroine is like the name applies a female hero but with so much bad energy attached with the name we would like to take back the name and use it toward something more heroic. Heroine is a combination of Herijuana which uses a pre-soviet invasion Afghani sourced from a small logging town, Petrolia Humboldt called Petrolia Headstash. The Petrolia Headstash is a tasty little Afghani with huge buds like mini footballs that taste like Fruit Punch and light pine. It tastes as good as it smokes and the effect is a hard hitting body effect with an equally matched soaring head that is not narcotic (sleep) like a lot of Afghani lines that came afterward from that part of the world. Herijuana also contains another strain called Killer New Haven which I’m not familiar with except that its combines with the Headstash to make Herijuana. Heroine combines 4 Afghani Kush Uzbekistani regional lines into one powerful strain that will produce large colas of heavy hitting connoisseur herb that comprises of rare lines that are not readily available. A resin bomb of old world Kush and Afghani lines sourced from the peoples who were renowned for making some of the best hashish in the world.

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