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Hazy Gorilla

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Informations officielles / notions de base sur le Hazy Gorilla de Green Work Collective

Hazy Gorilla
Green Work
intérieur, extérieur
mostly sativa
Non disponible féminisée.

Sativa dominant hybrid.
Quoted from Green Work Guy:
"Gorilla. Haze. Need I say more? This is a wild f------ ride. Honestly, even though I bred it and deemed it worthy of release, I go out of my way not to smoke this stuff. It gives me vertigo and makes my heart beat really intensely... Or I just get so high that I think it is.
I love GG4, and the GG4 x Clockwork Orange mother was a nice sativa spin on GG4... Hazy Gorilla though... I mean, holy s---. If you want to get ripped from herb this does it.
I don't usually do this, but these seeds come with a warning/disclaimer:
I strongly advise using caution with this strain. I don't recommend it for people with heart problems or anxiety. Also, I would advise this only for experienced smokers with a couple hours to ride out."

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