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Nom: Hawaiian Fantasy
Eleveur: SnowHigh Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~88 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

SnowHigh Seeds - Hawaiian Fantasy

Hawaiian Fantasy (91 Chem x Butterscotch Hawaiian x OG Purple Fire Thai)

The Hawaiian Fantasy melds the frosty 91 Chem and ButterScotch Hawaiian’s genetics and kicks it into high gear by crossing her to our OG Purple Fire Thai males. Think large dark hues of purple and red on highly resinous colas that look like spear tips. I don’t even need to tell you how good this is, the genetics alone will tell you its story.

OG Purple Fire Thai is a combination of NorCal Fire OG x Nevilles Haze F3 x Purple Thai. The OG Purple Fire Thai line is extremely sticky, highly resinous, very well branched, highly aromatic and forms large root masses that equate to very large yields indoors or outdoors. The NorCal Fire OG was a commercial OG Kush line sourced from Northern Mendocino County, from friends growing her for many years and is a heavy producer of stinky potent OG Kush flowers. The Purple Thai is a combination of Purple Afghan x South East Asian Thai Stick that pollinated a very commercial high end version of Nevilles Haze F3 that finishes quickly and forms long heavily resinous spears of top grade cannabis. The OG Purple Fire Thai lines are connoisseur and commercial growers dream. They please the eye with purple phenotypes to heavily resinous crystal laden flowers and the high potency will impress all who are lucky enough to attain these amazing high end cannabis strains.

Flower time range 9-14 weeks
Stretch 1 to 3x
Resin production: High
Odor: 9
Aroma: Chem/Fuel, Tropical Fruit, Cardamom, Indian Spice, Grape Gum
Flavor: 9
Potency: 9
Modern Hawaiian Landrace Hybrid

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Lignée / Génétique

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