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Nom: Guangdong
Eleveur: Whish Seeds
Lieu: extérieur, serre
Type: indica
Floraison: ~115 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Whish Seeds - Guangdong

This low THC, high CBD variety can be found along the Pearl River leading in to Guangdong Province on the South China Sea. Cannabis has ancient roots in China and the Guangdong Province is no different, having been established circa 224 AD.

Plants will grow up to 2 meters tall with large dark green leaves and can be harvested 110-120 days after sowing.

Traditional uses in this region include hemp seed oil production, manufacturing rope and hemp seed tofu.

Although it is not used for medicine in China, Low THC, high CBD varieties are gaining popularity in the medicinal community of the western world as it has many of the beneficial effects of cannabis without the high. Examples include strains like 'Charlettes Web' which has been used to treat epilepsy in Children.

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