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Growerschoice Special
Growers Choice
intérieur, serre
mostly sativa
~60 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

The growerschoice special is a short plant with not too much branches and a thick main cola.
This strain is developed for indoor use but can be good in a greenhouse as well.
The yield of this strain is huge because of it's denisty and plant structure.
Do not grow her for more than 8 days before you put her on 12 hours.
After 8 to 9 weeks she will give you a very nice surprise with her enormous yields of very high quality weed.
Beginners should take caution of this strain because of the very heavy and strong weed that she produces.
It's strong enough to get an experienced smoker on his knees with a couple of blows.
Yields from 700 grams per m2 are very normal for her.
The genetics will stay secret for a while so nobody will copy this strain.
We won't be selling her in regular seeds.

Genetics: 90% sativa 10% indica
Harvesttime indoor: 7 weeks
Harvesttime outdoor: End of september
Height outdoor: 2 to 2,5 meters
Yield indoor: Up to 700 grams a meter
Yield outdoor: 750 to 1000 grams
THC Levels: high 15 to 18%
CBD Levels: average
Moldresistance: Not so good
Quality: Very good
Taste: Supersweet like bubblegum with a heavy coughlock
Medical info: Unknown

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