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Informations de l'éleveur

Green Mountain Grape est une variété mostly sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±65 jours), l'extérieur et en serre. Graines de Green Mountain Grape de Green Mountain Seeds est une variété à dominante THC et ne sont pas disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Green Mountain Seeds Green Mountain Grape

Green mountain Grape is a 90% Sativa Hybrid {PURPLE SATELLITE} Oaxacan Gold Purple line X Purple Nepali Sativa X proprietary strain.

This is a totally new to market place genetic offered only through G.M.S., indoor/outdoor Green Mountain Grape Variety Is unique to Vermontman's Rare selections.

The Fragrance is overwhelmingly mouth watering Green Welches Grape Juice or fresh really ripe green grapes, starting heavy from mid flower on.

Indoors under red heavy LED grow lights the buds fatten up along the whole stem forming long solid purple colas that come in from 8 to 9 weeks.

Green mountain Grape is also spectacular for outdoor grows, coming in amazingly fast from the end of August to Mid Sept. Though the bud coloring is far less purple outdoors, because she comes in well before the cold weather sets. She sometimes grows with fuchsia pistils and the plants have purplish/blueish hue with burgundy coloring running up the stems.

The plants structure is upright and are largely self supporting, but with some stretch from the heavy Sativa influence, the tight buds form densely up the whole stem, making manicuring a breeze.

Botrytis: Outside, medium, sensitive to unusually wet late season weather, but can be harvested early because of the great bud density without much detriment to quality. 2018 was wettest on record and bud loss outdoors was about 2%
Mildew: High
Mite: High
Culture Ease: Easy but does better with organics, or light nutes.
Outdoors: Very early, from the end of August to mid Sept.
Indoors: 8 to 9 weeks The Sativa can bring on some stretch but moderate.
THC: Very High, not tested, up to 19%?
Fragrance: grape, fruit, floral candy

Taste: Spicy, sweet ,floral, grape.
High: The effects can be very introspective and socially upbeat, with laughter inducing thoughts. The buzz can be enjoyed all day due to having no ceiling to the high. An extremely pleasant ride with an easy come down and no burn out.

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tropics - 29.07.2019

GREEN MOUNTAIN GRAPE Is PURPLE SATELLITE {Oaxacan gold purple line X Bluehemps Baglung Nepali Sativa} CROSSED to a Mendo 70/30 Sativa dominate heirloom train

GREEN MOUNTAIN SEEDS is Fully endorsed by ACE SEED CO and seeds are available through ACE seeds on their site under the GREEN MOUNTAIN SEEDS LOGO

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