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Nom: Garhwali Shiva
Eleveur: The Real Seed Co.
Lieu: extérieur, serre
Type: sativa
Floraison: inconnu
Non disponible féminisée.

The Real Seed Company - Garhwali Shiva

Region: Himalaya
Genetics: Pure Himalayan Charas Plant
Latitude: 30N
Regional Harvest: mid-October - first week November
Yield: 1kg - 2kg outdoors
Aroma: spicy and tangy, incense, hash
Characteristics: soaring high, vigorous, great medicinal potential

A unique strain from the heart of Shiva's Himalaya that, in the words of one of the farmers who grows it, makes "very beautiful charas".

This is the best and most potent charas plant RSC has found in this ancient pilgrimage region in the High Himalaya of Garhwal.

Native to the fertile valleys and vast mountains beyond the sacred shrine of Kedarnath, this strain produces wonderfully potent charas worthy of Shiva himself.

Plants are very resinous, with spice, incense, and hash aromas. The high has a very uplifting and expansive effect, and the strongest pieces sampled were as potent as the best Nepalese or Malana. Not surprisingly, when wandering sadhus visit this region they also stock up on charas.

As well as its euphoric resins, this strain is likely to have a good proportion of plants with CBD content. Contrary to urban myth, CBD is not a sedative, but instead gives focus and centering to the buzz, as well as a clean finish to a high. CBD has been shown to have a multitude of positive medicinal effects. Medical users and breeders may benefit from investigating these plants, which have a long history of medicinal use.

Seeds of this strain are very big and plump, and so, where legal, will be very easy to germinate. Garhwali varieties will withstand the intense Himalayan monsoon and icy cold autumn nights, so are well-suited to adaptation to Northern climates as outdoor strains.

Enjoy! Bom Bholenath!

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à 05.04.2013, 16:08:

I grew out 5-Orange Creamsicle from:Hollistic Nursery
5-Bubba Kush From:Humboldt Seed Organization
5-Garhwali Shiva from:The Real Seed Company

I got 3 females of the Orange, 2 Females of the Bubba, and ALL Garhwali Shiva NEVER germinated.

I will not buy from The Real Seed Company again.

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