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Nom: Ecto Cooler
Eleveur: Seeds of Compassion
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Seeds of Compassion - Ecto Cooler

Ecto Cooler has been years in the making, finally finding the right genetics in the male Gorilla Biscuit to combine with one of my favorite plants of all time... Ae77 Calio! the first live plant I had ever laid eyes on, some 10 years ago - a spare bedroom filled with juicy orange funky, skunky spears, all leaning in different directions from the weight of the flowers. Ae77 Calio is THE STICKIEST plant I've ever broken up, it yields great and has a happy uplifting effect- like smoking sunshine. Ae77 Calio's terpenes are pure juicy, orange nectar- she REEKS of ORANGES and SKUNK, these are the kind of terpenes that are obvious not imaginary. Ae77 Calio produces a lot of trichs- sticky, icky, icky!

Gorilla Biscuit has the lime/sour terpenes I was looking for, the flavors are STRONG with this one-very distinct- like smoking on a sour lime dipped in gasoline. Gorilla Biscuit also brings a more forceful potency, very fun buzz, with a very strong stone. it is easy to over indulge with the lip smacking sour lime taste! Gorilla Biscuit is right up there with Ae77 Calio in terms of trich production- with each visit to the garden I am always amazed with how coated in frost they get.

Now here's the best part- the offspring. I expect the combination to be better than both parents, every box is checked. Mouth coating Orange/Lime/Sour/Fuel taste, LOUD Orange/Pinesol/Fuel stank, potency enough for even seasoned cannabis connoisseurs and beautiful frost coated plants.

This is an Untested Pre-Release due the overwhelming interest, this is a small, limited drop to keep those satisfied!

Genetics: Ae77 Calio x Gorilla Biscuit

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Lignée / Génétique

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