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Nom: Drizella
Eleveur: Dynasty Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~60 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Dynasty Seeds - Drizella

The C99/WW (F1) female is an amazingly easy to grow, potent, and stable plant. It has a very strong odor of skunky citrus. The mother tends to play a dominant role in this strain, and also shows recessive genes of the White Widow and the C99 (which is great!!). This mom makes the Drizella very stable and easy to grow.

She is a favorite among many patients for a good all day pain medicine with a nice clear high.

The father is a Space Queen F3 that has good stability and a fast bloom time.. Only about 20% of the offspring shows dominant genes from the father, but overall the dad has sped up the bloom time by a week or so on this strain.

Pheno #1 (25%)- C99 dominance that recessed from the C99/White Widow F1 mom.. Much like the C99 in structure with large pinecone sativa shaped buds, pineapple/tropical fruit smell, and tropical fruit/hazy taste... expect higher yields, 9week bloom time, potent longer lasting effect that starts as an uplifting cerebral and gently eases aches and pain without losing motivation... great for an anti-depressant and mild pain relief during the daytime.

Pheno #2 (25%)- White Widow leaning pheno that is the strongest of the bunch. Buds are slow to form in bloom, not really showing much action until around 3-4weeks but it really blasts off after it starts.. At the beginning of bloom it looks a lot like the mom, but soon bypasses the crystal content and the bud clusters link up to form chunky "foxtail" colas... Lime/spices/vanilla/ and fruit permeate from this beauty, with the high being instantaneously felt between the eyes and slowly moving its way to the back or your head and down to your toes like a "wave effect"... this one finishes between 8-9weeks..

Pheno #3 (30%)- C99/White Widow dom, that is hard to tell apart from the original father. Extremely smelly with a lemon lime/skunk/pineapple smell that tickles the nose.. #3 is very resinous and forms bud clusters rather than long colas, but the yield does not suffer.. this one requires minimal trimming due to it's buds forming from top to bottom... The high leans towards the cerebral side, but it's also great pain medicine that calms the most tense nerves.

Pheno #4 (20%)- leaning towards the C99/Romulan F3 dad, this is the fastest finisher of the group that could be harvested at the 8week mark, or slightly before... Sativa high that is very clear and though provoking... tastes range from tropical fruit/vanilla/spicy skunk the buds become very compact when ripe, and it's also typical for the leaves to curl upward when it's close to being ripe.

Sativa Dominant
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Stretch: 1.75-2
Resin Profile: High resin
Odour Score: 8
Odour: pineapple/haze/citrus/vanilla & spices
Flavour Score: 8
Flavour: tropical fruit/skunky/ spicy/haze
Potency Score: 8
High Type: cerebral, thought provoking, tingling relaxation

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