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Double Kush
Delta 9 Labs
intérieur, extérieur
mostly indica
~67 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

The double kush is a cross between Th seeds Kushage and our Afghan male. The kushage was a pheno type that leaned heavily towards its kush side. The hairs were more orange than pink. While the male we used pounds on the weight. This is a heavy strain that will enjoy a SOG style setup and the yield blows up when its fed with a hydro system. A thoroughly enjoyable smoke with very pleasant after effects. the Double Kush can take a heavy feeding around an EC of 2 at the highest point during the feed cycle. the plant grows more like a bush and doesn't stretch. it can be kept under 1mtr tall. A well enjoyed strain to add to any compassion club menu.

Indica/Sativa: 80/20
buzz: a heady indica buzz with some uplifting tones
taste/smell: very fruity
flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks outside: end Oct.
parents: Kushage (mother) x Afghan (father)
yield: 400-500 g/m2
medical benefits: pain and ocular relief, high in cbd's

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Double Kush de Delta 9 Labs est disponible uniquement en graines régulières. Graines féminisées ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 6 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 13 offres entre EUR 8.44 pour 1 graine régulière et EUR 411.83 pour 50 graines régulières. Si vous cherchez à acheter des graines de cannabis Double Kush de Delta 9 Labs, consultez notre page de comparaison des prix de Double Kush avec toutes les offres en cours de toutes les banques de semences et de tous les magasins connectés - ou visitez directement l'un des magasins de semences testés, dignes de confiance et recommandés suivants pour découvrir leurs offres Double Kush actuelles: Cannapot Hanfshop,, Discreet Seeds, Herbies Head Shop, Indras Planet GmbH and Oaseeds.

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