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Nom: Diablo OG Kush Storm
Eleveur: Riot Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Riot Seeds - Diablo OG Kush Storm

Aka: Purple Diablo OG Kush

The Diablo cut of OG Kush is one of the hardest to find cuts of OG Kush for a reason - nobody wants to share it! It's got a strong lemon peppery smell and tends to grow more towards the indica direction of the genepool. It's a 7-8 Week plant depending on how it's grown with pretty close to unrivaled power in the OG Kush family. It does have some lanky limbs so tieing these buds up is a MUST with bamboo poles, etc.. The Father was a my purple balled Sandstorm male (Pakistani Chitrali Kush x Morrocan) so this cross will be a very strong indica OG with purple tendencies. Expect a moderate yield with overwhelming power!

Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
Genetics: Diablo OG Kush Clone Only x Cannabiogen's Sandstorm
Medical Properties: Pain

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

Lignée / Génétique

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