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Nom: Devilberry
Eleveur: Cannaseur Seedbank
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~59 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Cannaseur Seedbank - Devilberry

Parental Information

Krowberry was created by Krowmobe from California and was created by hybridizing the famous Grand Daddy Purple ( Purple Urkel x Big Bud) x Blackberry but not the clone only Blackberry but instead its Marionberry(Thai/Bubblegum x Blackberry). that was sold by Cali Kush Co and they sold them as Blackberry.

Purple Urkel or Humboldt Purple (a.k.a. Purple Urple) has been growing in southern Humboldt County since approximately 1989. The Mendo cats are responsible for renaming it “Lavender" am ongst other things but is reported to be Northern Lights x Purple Indica.

Now Double Purple Doja was created by Sunnycheba while working with Subcool and TGA, the genetics are Hybrid-A-13 X Black Russian X Black Russian see the link below to see the DOJA male used to pollinate the Krowberry Female..

Indica/Sativa %: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Bloom Length: most phenos have cloudy resin at 55 days with one pheno going to 63
# of Phenotypes? 4

Describe each phenotype expression:
Pheno #1 is a stocky, dark purple almost black, vigorous, thick leaves, quite leafy because of the very tight nodes which is a trait of krowberry but in effect, taste and odour this pheno leans towards the doja side of the cross and has a spicey smell and taste mixed with berry undertiones,,almost acidic like berries too, personally i don't like the pepperness that comes through and seems to be evident with very purple strains but i have friends that adore this strain and say it tastes like red wine..lol.This is true for say 40% of females tested so far ripe in 55 days

Pheno #2 This is again very similar to Pheno#1 in structure and vigour, only being slightly less tight internodes, which is a good thing because with krowberry or K dom phenos of devilberry they need trimming severely before blooming to remove masses of branches. This pheno has a much lighter coloring but in a gorgeous way, it's pale purple but actually pink when the calyx's are young, they darken as the weeks go by but this has a much sweeter smell and taste and is the pheno everyone that tries it calls ' fruity Pebbles', apparently a brand of sweets in the USA that tastes the same.. true for 30% of females, ripe in 58 days

Pheno #3 This is the Krowberry dominant phenotype that everyone wants to keep and i totally understand why, because it has a much more perfect structure, less branching, perfectly spaced internodes and is heavily K dominant and is almost pink in color and could be mistaken for krowberry if it werent for the vastly improved branching. Sweet taste not as sweet as pheno 2 but still pleasant and moreish but just the appearance of the buds puts a smile on your face and smoking it is uplifting, not at all monging but happy, relaxed, a perfect balance.. true for 20% of females, ripe in 55 days

Pheno#4 exactly as pheno#2 but with normal bud coloration and no color traits at all but very similar in taste, texture, appearance except for a slightly more doja influenced taste with a slight pepper and ripens later than the other phenos at around day 60 10% of females

I'd say this line produced more females so far by a good margin with the average pack of 10 containing 2 maybe 3 males but numerous reported to having 1 or 0 males.

Stretch: 2x
Resin Profile: High resin
Odour Score: 6
Odour Description: Smells range from a spicey pepper with the dark pheno and the others have a distinct sweetness and berry tones
Flavour Score: 8
Flavour Description: hard to score the flavour as i love the 2 sweeter, fruity, mouth watering, tarty flavours, like the other but dislike the darker peppery pheno
Potency Score: 6

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

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