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Nom: Deep Phaze
Eleveur: Kingdom Organic
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~55 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Kingdom Organic Seeds - Deep Phaze

Greenman’s Purple Haze (Sonoma County, CA - USA) x Tom Hill’s Deep Chunk (m) this is a seriously hardcore smoke with a ton of body. Not a sleepy stone at all and actually gets you quite motivation. For the first hour after smoking her you can forget about doing anything too detailed because you will experience major confusion with a huge grin on your face. She is what I call “Happy Smoke” to the max, after that first hour she stays a bit more even keeled and gets clearer and crisper, and some of the Purple Haze influence comes shinning through. The floral structure of the Purple Haze was dominant in this pheno which shows itself off to its full potential.

She tastes and smells the like plums mixed with hashish and reminds me of Afghani hashish in so many ways. The hit from this smoke is complex to some degree and you can really tell she is hash plant dominant here too (Afghani land race) from the flavors and smells. The plumb contributions must be from the Purple Haze influence. Wicked potency and I bet you would have to grab onto something if bonging her! Onset of effect is very rapid and the high lasts about 2.5 hours, with the first hour being particularly intense and stupefying for sure!! Low munchies on this one, which I found unique as hell for an indica dominant.

A very fast grower (good production speed and vigor) indoors you can expect her to stretch about 2x from start to the finishing of flowering. She performs best when topped with no special needs, does very well in a basic organic soil-mix like TLO style, and a few molasses base teas. Always allow plants to get 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.

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