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Nom: Death-Star
Eleveur: Clone Only
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~65 jours
Seulement disponible comme bouture.

Clone Only Strains - Death-Star

'Death-Star' was originally bred around 2001-2002, by 'Team Death Star' who started revealing it to more elite growers in 2004 and enjoyed much attention from smokers throughout the American-Midwest and along the East Coast. It gained and attracted a lot of attention in 2010 when High Times wrote an article about the tightly-held strain.

It is trademarked for it's 'hashy' Sour Diesel taste and it's compact growth structure influenced by the Sensi Star father, that made it very popular for Midwest growers.

It produces rock-hard buds that are covered in trichromes to the point that the final cured buds appear to be an almost gray color, often times with light purple streaks when temps are dropped.

It's high is both mind-numbing Sour Diesel twist and narcotic body effects from the Sensi Star. It has the ability to still be an all-day smoke for high tolerance smokers and a knockout for those with lower tolerance.

20.23% THC
0.43% CBD
0.63% CBN

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Résultats des tests

Testé sur ±all ±rel
THC 20.00% en moyenne haut
THCA 17.00% haut haut
CBC 0.50% en moyenne extrême haut
CBG 0.50% un peu sous la moyenne basse
THCV 0.20% basse extrêmement bas
CBD 0.20% très bas extrêmement bas
CBN 0.00% extrêmement bas basse

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