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Dead Dawgs Walk'n SFV

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Dead Dawgs Walk'n SFV
Bean Boyz Genetics
intérieur, extérieur
mostly sativa
~63 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Excellent cannabis strains come from superb genetics and this is exemplified by Dead Dawgs Walk’n SFV when it resulted from the crossing of Tahoe OG and Ultra Chem SFV. The result is a strong and stable hybrid marijuana strain that can be grown both indoor and outdoor. It grows to a medium height of just about 6 feet and shaped like a Christmas tree and therefore easily manageable even by beginners who have basic understanding of weed cultivation. Flowering time can be expected when it reaches 8 weeks on the average with the grower keeping a close watch of on-week give and take. Since this strain is slightly sativa dominated, it might grow taller if given enough space in an outdoor growing system. Yield is pretty high with about 4-8 oz per plant on the average. It will grow beautiful buds oozing with crystallized THC and sticky resin that extends well to its leaves.

Always the one to keep push'n the limits, the Dead Dawg Walk'n will provide your hotted up vehicle for jess such an adventure ride. What is required, is the paring of two proven strains, mixed with one another using phenotypes that are really the BOMB. What we buy when we buy beans is genotype, which is the genetics involved with the hybrid, but not necessarily the ass kick'n phenotype we are seeking. Phenotype is the expressions that result from the genetic crossing. Remember, if you will, this isn't Campbell's soup, where every can of chicken soup is exactly like the others. That is manufacturing, not creating. Nothing artful about Campbell's soup. If you are new to this pool, this can be frustrating. You buy White Widow, but get all sorts of odd looking plants, maybe none with the image that is offered by sellers. I'm jess using WW as an example, but have no issue with it. All I'm saying is that it takes time to educate ones self to the varying phenotypes, and choosing the correct one, let'n the rest go by the way. Many breeders say that they find 5-6 super phenotypes in a pac of ten of their gear. I find this untrue. I've had to search through pac after pac simply to find anything near what was promised and why I'm now offering my gear for sale. Things can be made much better as we all educate ourselves to what Dank is really about. Dank is why we at Bean Boyz Genetics turn on our lights. Dank is why we eat. Why we dream. Why we work like fools in an obsessive, compulsive manor. We have no "off switch" at BBG... here's what comes from that sort of behavior:

The Mamma: The Ultra Chem SFV was used, as she has all the expression that I seek out. I do not keep females from season to season like many the top breeders. I have no room for such things and see it differently than most. I keep males. My females are used for one season, breed to, when they are smoked after breeding to, resulting in a super tasting smoke with ass kick'n power, their beanz are used in other breeding experiments. And sold to you. These newly created beanz are untested (like most sold today by all breeders no matter what they claim). What is Untested mean? That is a fair question. It means that the seeds created have not been grown out as of yet. If I take two years "testing a strain", what is gained by that in what is finally sold? Nothing. Plus, I'd be left in the dust by the rest of the breeders.

The Daddy: If this is the killz crossing I planned on then no mess'n around with the male, but again as this was such a dream project, I passed over the OGK male and choose again his stable mate, my Tahoe OG for this crossing. "Lemon kerosene skunk funk to the max." old Swerve called it. And my Tahoe had jess that in spades! To tell you the truth, Lemon isn't one of my favorite tastes. Lemon can be many tastes, including Lemon. I prefer a richer, deeper flavor, yet sour/chem/fuely is on the top of my list! Batts: Also a paradox. What I want from Tahoe OG is POWER, POWER, POWER. If Swerve did the job right then I have an excellent chance to inject some super THC horse-power into this hot rod strain. Tahoe jess won the 011 award for ass kick at the Cannabis Cup.

Male: Tahoe OG (SFV OGK F3x Tahoe Clone)
Female: Ultra Chem SFV (unknown) mate from Texas
Height: 6 feet, Xmas tree shaped, loves super crop'n. D.O.P.(Depending on Pheno)
Weight: 4-8 ozs, depending on skills, luck, karma
THC: Higher, super resin production
Scent/taste: Lemon, sour, fuely, some brighter tastes.
Bud Density: 8 on a 10... Nice tight, great bag appeal
Flowering: 8-10 weeks, DOP (Depending on Pheno)
Sativa/Indica: about 70/30

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