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Danish Gold

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Danish Gold
mostly sativa
~50 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

HFH Classic made from Guerilla Gold and Danish Passion. For n lats under 59. Please remember that all HFHs hybrids are meant for the great outdoors and that we dont recommend to start them under unnatural lights.

Genetics are Canadian Guerilla Gold females dusted with Danish Passion. Mostly on the relaxed Indica side, with medical qualitys. Bets results with this hybrid would be on n lats around 45-54 where harvest time is from sep 10-sep 25.

Aroma\flavous on the citrus\maroc hash side.

Breederbrad/Greens(co creator of Guerilla Gold): "I love this cross very much because it's so easy to grow and produces strong early buds with a great taste. It does yield a little more that Guerilla Gold3. GG3. I think HFH did an excellent job with the Danish Gold. I highly recommend it."

After growing out the Danish Gold i have to say…Its a great cross, grew alot taller and will produce alot more than my GG#32s but are also just as fast finishing as GG3, its a very vigorous strain. Grown to perfection you could probably yield 5-8 oz a plant.

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