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Chocolate Mint OG
Humboldt Seed Org.
intérieur, extérieur
~65 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

We merged two iconic super strains from the Northern California scene, the infamous Emerald OG with the ever classic Granddaddy Purple. Very vigorous growth during beginning stages makes for a quick turnover into the flowering period. Long spacing between node sites gives excellent light penetration.

The flowering period requires some form of trellising or stakes as large egg shaped bud sites develop into beautiful crowning colas, which finish heavy coated in resin. Strong overtones of chocolate, mint and pine are unmistakable, ending with notes of tangy sweetness. This flavor is undeniably good down to the very end. Effects are very strong and cerebral as it is ideal for “end of day” use. This amazing combination of flavor is quite unique to most profiles and is not one to miss.

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1.: petite, compact, floraison rapidement, indica-dominante Phénotype #1
2.: long, tendu, floraison rapidement, indica-dominante Phénotype #2

Pour cette strain nous avons eu d'entrée de 4 utilisateur(s). Voici un bref aperçu:

Floraison d'intérieur: 59 - 69 jours (~64 jours)
Rendement / Quantité Indoor: La récolte de cette souche est très haut.
Impression Générale Indoor: est tous ensemble extrêmement bon et très recommandable.
Puissance / Effet durable: La Marihuana affecte forte et de longue durée.
Votes de nos utilisateurs: Chocolate Mint OG obtenir 8.17 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

Où puis-je acheter des graines de cannabis de Chocolate Mint OG?

Chocolate Mint OG de Humboldt Seed Organisation est disponible uniquement en graines féminisées. Graines régulières ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 13 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 35 offres entre EUR 10.17 pour 1 graine féminisée et EUR 491.98 pour 50 graines féminisées. Si vous cherchez à acheter des graines de cannabis Chocolate Mint OG de Humboldt Seed Organisation, consultez notre page de comparaison des prix de Chocolate Mint OG avec toutes les offres en cours de toutes les banques de semences et de tous les magasins connectés - ou visitez directement l'un des magasins de semences testés, dignes de confiance et recommandés suivants pour découvrir leurs offres Chocolate Mint OG actuelles: Humboldt Seeds,, Zamnesia, Germination Station, SeedSupreme Seedbank, Cannapot Hanfshop, Green Parrot Seed Store, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Alchimia Grow Shop, Discreet Seeds, Herbies Head Shop, Indras Planet GmbH and

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User-Commentaires à propos de cette variété:

à 24.10.2018, 11:34:Ce commentaire est connecté à un Profil de Plante!

This is absolute connoisseur genetics. Very responsive to most training techniques showing a vigorous vegetative cycle. Not a lot of stretching after the flip so get your timing right to maximize yield potential indoors. I'm truly blown away by this plant in all aspects, from the high medicinal value straight to the crazy autumn colours in late bloom and bag appeal!
This pheno will stay in my library indefinitely...Humboldt Seed Organization got this pairing just spot on.

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à 25.09.2018, 22:58:Ce commentaire est connecté à un Profil de Plante!

Got one seed of this strain free when I bought others. Germination was fine and as it started to veg it seemed very promising being that it started to smell very strongly even before flower. However, a few weeks after being switched to 12/12 it became a HERMAPHRODITE as it grew male flowers and I had to throw it away! Not the first time I'm having issues with Humboldt Seeds Org. Their Green Crack turned Hermie too in the same round with 6 or 7 more strains which were all fine in the same conditions. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

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à 02.01.2018, 18:14:Ce commentaire est connecté à un Profil de Plante!

Started out great - nice growth and great smell very early on. However, after about 3 or 4 weeks of flower this plant whose seed I got as a freebie turned HERMAPHRODITE as it suddenly showed male flowers and it messed up my grow! I had 9 different strains in the room and only the 2 out of 3 from Humboldt turned HERMIE. Of course, theirs were the most expensive seeds in the room too! FUCK HUMBOLDT! DON'T BUY THIS!

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à 11.03.2016, 23:42:

Croissance vigoureuse avec de belles secondaires plus typé Sativa qu'indica . Stretch x3 x4 fais en 15jours . A 20 jours apparition des fleurs , et A Flo 25 apparition des fleurs mâles !
Hermaphrodite !

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