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Nom: Cherry Sauce
Eleveur: Andromeda Strains
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~60 jours
Seulement disponible comme bouture.

Andromeda Strains - Cherry Sauce

This strain is not for sale - it's used for crossings.

It's a combination that @Large_bud of #Andromeda_Genetics created from his spectacular “from seed” keeper pheno of cherry pie. Crossed with our specially chosen pheno of ExoticGenetix “The Sauce.” Male. He was chosen because of his short, fast growing time,pungent smell and resin producing leaves, (The Sauce = Gorilla Glue X Green Ribbon BX)

Aucune description française bon jusqu'à maintenant!

Lignée / Génétique

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