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Nom: Chemo
Eleveur: THC Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~46 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

THC Seeds - Chemo

Chemo bud was developed by the Canadian government in 1979 for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. The medicinal value is amazing and the strain is quite potent with a hashy taste. Recognized amongst the medical community as the best strain available for chronic pain, stimulation of hunger and nausea. One of the oldest clasic wheelchair strains.

With it’s rich earthy taste from parts of it’s indica genes, Chemo is also very cerebral in effect from it’s sativa phenotypes. This superior mostly Indica heavy weight is quick to flower and will yeild you large amounts of quality buds for commercial growers.

Very potent and widely known and used by patients undergoing chemotherapy. The medical community recognizes this as the best strain for chronic pain and nausea. So it’s not just for cancer patients.

THC: 29.8%
Yield Indoors: 780 g/m2
Yield Outdoors: 610 g/m2
Yield Greenhouse: 680 g/m2
Genetics: Mostly Indica
Cloning: Easy
Height: Short/Medium with training/topping
Flowering Indoors Hydro: 6 weeks
Flowering Indoors Soil: 7 weeks
Flowering Outdoors: Early-Mid October
Flowering Greenhouse: Mid October
Medical Uses: Nausea, ChronicPain, Stimulate Hunger
Smoke Heaviness: Medium
Flavour: Hashy
Plant Odor: Earthy
Grow’s Indoor: Yes
Grow’s Outdoors: Yes
Grow’s in Greenhouse: Yes
Grow Difficulty: Easy
Trophy Winner: Yes
Pest Resistant: Yes
Heat and Drought Resistant: Medium
Wind Resistant: Yes
Mold Resistant: Yes
Cold Weather/High Altitude: Medium
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes: 90 Minutes
Time Stoned 5 tokes +: 260 Minutes
Type of Stone: Wheelchair

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