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Nom: CheeseBoy F3
Eleveur: Cannaseur Seedbank
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: indica/sativa
Floraison: ~55 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Cannaseur Seedbank - CheeseBoy F3

Original Cheeseboy = (Cheese Clone Only x Dannyboy (KillerQueen x Taco (Ortega X C99)

These are (cheeseboy x cheeseboy x cheesboy) Various documented grows of this strain can be seen @ Breedbay

The Cheeseboy was the starting point for our cheese bx project, selected for multiple desirable traits such as: Sticky structure, fast flowering, dense resin, high odour and roar potency, The structure was extremely robust compared to the original cheese clone which was quite vine like in its growth pattern and needed severe staking to support its buds. A number of plants were selected from this line @ F2 stage and crossed back to the original cheese clone as a cheese bx project bu these seeds are F3's of the original Cheese x Dannyboy due to them displaying some very nice blends of traits of both parents and being extremely potent and perfect medicinal plants.

Thee seeds will contain a number of phenotypes due to being F3's, these are perfect breeding tools to select stabel males from to kick start any cheese breeding project, we have sent a number of seeds to our facility in Spain fr further development but the remaining F3 stock is now made available to you, they have been germ tested and have good germination rates and it will be a joy to see these epic plants develop into monsters in custmers gardens ( medically licensed customers of course). All plants have high yield potential and have smells that range from strawberry, cream and pine

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Cannaseur Seedbank CheeseBoy F3Cannaseur Seedbank CheeseBoy F3

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