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Nom: Californian Sunrise
Eleveur: Alpha Genetics
Lieu: intérieur, serre
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~62 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

Alpha Genetics - Californian Sunrise

The Californian Sunrise is a hybrid, which carries 65% of indica genetics in itself. This effects, however, mainly on the short flowering time of about 60 days in the indoor cultivation. Outdoors it is not recommended. The growth is more sativa-like, although the Californian Sunrise does not need much space to the top. The stretch is about 200%. It is absolutely appropriate for a sea of green.

The Californian Orange is relatively insensitive to high temperatures. She needs relatively little fertilizer. The large, tight buds take a beautiful orange color at the end, which has earned it the name. The yield is slightly above average.

The high is clear and energetic first, but then changes into a soothing buzz which effects body and brain at the same time.

Genetics: 65% Indica, 35% Sativa
THC: 15%
Flowering time indoors: 60 - 63 days
Harvest outdoors: outdoors not recommended

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