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Boreal Lights Super Autoflower

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Informations de l'éleveur

Boreal Lights Super Autoflower est une variété à floraison automatique ruderalis/indica/sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur, l'extérieur et en serre, où les plantes femelles à autofloraison ont besoin ±70 jours du semis à la récolte. Graines de Boreal Lights Super Autoflower de Boreal Seeds est une variété à dominante THC et ne sont pas disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Boreal Seeds Boreal Lights Super Autoflower

Boreal Seeds Boreal Lights Super Autoflower Grows like and Autoflower, yield like a Photoperiod

The Fast Sativa
Boreal Lights Cannabis seeds are a perfect blend of the world famous Northern Lights lineage. Typical Northern Lights are and Afghani Indica dominant strain that grows short and bushy. Boreal Lights were bred as a 70% Thailand Sativa (landrace) and 30% Afghani Indica (landrace) strain. Both Thai and Afghani parents are from original stock dating back to the days of Cheech and Chong. It grows like an Indica (bushy with strong branches) but streches like a Thai Sativa (remember Thai Stick?). So you get high yielding plants with 15% to 18% THC. Not too strong, not to light, just right.

The Ruderalis ancestor is present so the girls flower regardless of the amount of light. Some start flowering at 4 weeks from seed! Some males will flower at 3 weeks indoor or outdoor. Trimmed bud structure is Sativish, but certainly not as loose as a Thai Landrace. Half way between a tight Indica and loose Sativa so it has a generous bag appeal.
Don't let the Autoflower genetics fool you, this is a big big girl and a great smoke.

THC/CBD: (Untested)
THC up to 25%.
CBD (Unknown).

They'll stretch and outrun anything you have next to it. 12 feet plus with a single 4 foot cola in a 3 gallon pot outdoor. 6-8 feet tall in the ground if you give it elbow room and will produce many short side branches holding large colas. Will grow 8-10+ feet in a 2 gallon pot. Topping ONCE before flowering will manage the height.

3/4 pound in the wild.
1 pound in the wild with a prepared hole.
5 pounds in the ground in a prepared hole if you feed and water it regularly.

Harvest time:
Assuming you start indoor for 4 weeks and put it out June 1st, expect it to be ready mid August to September 1st. The lack of attention will speed them up so in the wild some will be ready as early as mid July.

Early Frost:
Medium. Expect them to hurt with ground frost in May. But they'll pull through.

Late Frost:
Bring it on! Fan leaves will take a beating after two sub zero nights, but the buds just tighten up a bit unharmed and begging to be harvested.

Never. Extremely robust, even in hot humid weather during flowering.

Males smell like Catnip plain and simple. Female Smell is strong and very sweet Pine with a note of pepper and fuel.

Smoke reports:
An awakening Sativa smoke without any anxiety effects at all. Happy, euphoric, creative/analytical initial high that mellows to a more reasonable relaxed state. No real couch lock but not racing either. Certainly calming after the initial rush.

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