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Nom: Blue Dieselryder
Eleveur: Growers Choice
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Floraison: Floraison automatique
~63 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)

Non disponible féminisée.

Growers Choice - Blue Dieselryder

The blue dieselryder is a blend of blueberry with the new york diesel and a lowryder2, this made this strain pretty tastefull.
She does not grow very tall, around 20 inch. but gives a great quality weed in return.
She is very popular with outdoor growers due to the very short blooming period, from seed to yield in 9 weeks.
A very nice combination to try, be aware for her smell. the diesel makes it smell really hard.

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Lignée / Génétique

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› Blue Dieselryder (Growers Choice)
› Blue Dieselryder (Growers Choice)

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