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Blood Kush

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Blood Kush
Riot Seeds
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This plant was one of our all-time best selling releases. It is an amazing hybrid of Miami White x Black Russian x Purple Shiva Skunk. The Black Russian x Purple Shiva Skunk REALLY isn't a special plant in itself... it smells like greasy meat, has some beautiful colours in bloom but when chopped down they turn brownish... not much potency... BUT WHEN CROSSED to a plant such as the white, you end up with a plant with the frost and potency of The White and some pink and purple hues. It's basically a pink/purple version of The White... so this particular cross is VERY special. Luckily the bad traits were very recessive and don't show through in this hybrid. Everyone who bought it loved it, and even had certain people beg for testers just to go and F2 it themselves, so it's so good that people are willing to end friendships over it! This next generation will be our F2 run and completely selecting for the phenotype pictured - Pure white with light flecks of pink and purple. It is just SO strong. We have the perfect male and female selected and this and Clockwork Orange are next up to deck to be made so keep checking back.

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