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Black Forrest
Kingdom Organic
intérieur, extérieur
~112 jours
Non disponible féminisée.


This variety flowers for 16 weeks and will become a monster without some attention to detail. Starting a clone off at about 9” going into flowering, your plants can easily end up 3’ plus tall, so take this into account. If you are not actually a skilled grower, please don’t grow these beans out until you are. I made these about 7 years ago but they have been kept pristine and cool and all my seeds keep about 100% viability for 12 years, plus.

The flavors are unbelievable and exotic like Nag Champa incense and black hashish. The high-type takes a full 30 minutes after smoking/vaping just to hit you, and hit you it does - "Down the Rabbit Hole!" Spooky potent and has taken many peeps down, causing heavy paranoia and spinouts. This is not a hyped up warning. The high lasts for 4 hours at full strength and is a wonderful journey through the universe. Unforgettable and she keeps about 90% of her Jungle Sativa land race status expressed in this hybrid.

She yields very large and very hard buds for a sativa of this class. The South East Asian really shines through in this one, and outdoors she works fine if you have the season and/or the greenhouse capable of providing the environment to continue flowering into December outdoors. Hemingway wrote about Vietnamese Jungle Sativa, and for good reason. There’s nothing even close to it in smells, flavors and effects.

In this case of the Black Forrest, KOS recommends letting the plants get 75 days old from seed before initiating flowering (I flower clones of the seed plant not the seed plant). This is to insure the most resin production, and always grow our gear all organically if possible for the best smells and flavors possible from your herbs. Straight soil germination is highly recommended for the Black Forrest.

Indoor flowering 16 weeks

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