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Nom: Black Eyed Katy
Eleveur: The Bank
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~60 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

The Bank - Black Eyed Katy

Recommended Experience Level: Beginner- Intermediate
Overview: This Indica should produce beautiful purple flowers that have a strong kush smell.
Yield: High, 400-800g/1000W
Flower time: 55-65 days
Growth Stature: Average height requirement, shorter internodal space
Nugget Type: Average sized dense, purple colored, trichome covered flowers.
Traits to look for in ideal phenotype
Unique Strain traits: Purple flowers, OG kush smell, Afghan kush smell
Desired traits from the mother (Fall 97): Purple colored flowers, larger flower production, OG Kush smell,
Desired traits from the pollen donor (Phishhead Kush): Smell, taste, resin production, short flower time, high THC content
Undesirable traits from parents: Fall 97 – Instability. Phishhead Kush – low yield, slow vegetative growth

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