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Beyond the Brain

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Informations de l'éleveur

Beyond the Brain est une variété mostly sativa de et peut être cultivée en l'intérieur (où les plantes femelles auront besoin d'une période de floraison de ±70 jours) et l'extérieur. Graines de Beyond the Brain de Mandala est une variété à dominante THC et ne sont pas disponibles en versions féminisées.

Description de Mandala Beyond the Brain

Mandala Seeds Beyond the Brain Limited Edition 2010

Beyond the Brain is the definitive connoisseur high for the discerning cultivator. If you have tasted your share of sativas and are searching for the purity that only exceptional genetics can offer then you will appreciate this strain. Let Beyond the Brain open your doors of perception to new realms of awareness!
This is so far the only strain out of our genetic repertoire where we are willing to break tradition and offer a “beta version” as a limited collector’s edition. Those who have never grown a Mandala strain may find BTB quite similar in terms of growth to what they usually see in their garden. But seasoned Mandala growers are used to expect amazing vigour and generous, if not marvellous, yields from our strains – and rightly so! These outstanding traits have always featured high on our list of breeding goals along with other essentials such as potency. Beyond the Brain, however, is a modest plant that discreetly hides her secret until the very end, when all her inherent power is revealed as a true consciousness expanding herb of incredibly clarity and power. To preserve this undiluted, pure gateway to transcendental realms is our main intention in the future development of BTB, as we hope to infuse it with more dynamic growth over the coming years of this ongoing project. In the meantime, we would like to share this special high with you!

Beyond the Brain requires a good light source. We recommend the standard 400W-600 HPS/m2. If you are aiming for a higher indoor yield than indicated this is of course possible via the usual techniques. For example, in soil cultivation you can extend the growth cycle to 6-8 weeks. In hydroponics the yield can be improved by switching to 12/12 after the plants reach an adequate size such as 25-30 cm. Pruning, SCROG and other such methods are only sensible if the plant receives the appropriate additional vegetative time to develop it’s shoots. The height of mature females in soil cultivation reaches approximately 75-95 cm based on 4 weeks vegetative growth under a 20hr light cycle. Since there is only moderate stretching this is a sativa that can be easily grown in a homebox too. The height of a Mandala strain is also always under your control by deciding when to switch to 12/12.

For indoor soil cultivation you basically only need to provide quality horticultural soil and the correct container size. Beyond the Brain will grow by herself if you let her and is a low-maintenance strain. Although BTB get’s off to a relatively slow start the mature plants show lasting health. They retain their fresh green foliage till the end of flowering and do not exhaust themselves like other varieties may do. This greatly simplifies plant care throughout flowering. BTB is not for growers who will feel motivated to fertilize her to death in order to force growth or extra bud development! If you extend the vegetative time then you may need to provide a mild feeding to top up nutrients in the soil in case you are not repotting soon. Experienced growers who are familiar with their soil brand and organic or mineral fertilizer will know what to do. If you are uncertain, simply “go with the flow” and repot your plants into fresh soil once they get rootbound.

Use a low EC of 0.8-1.2 and adjust requirements on the basis of plant health and by comparing the EC of the drained nutrient solution with your fresh solution. This is a standard procedure that can be successfully applied to all Mandala strains and most cannabis plants in general. If your tap water is of low quality and already has a high EC you should use a household osmosis filter and mix the osmosis water 50-50 with tap water (experiment to see what ratio gives best results).

In the greenhouse Beyond the Brain will grow to a medium-range height and can be planted in an SOG (sea of green) style if required. For best results avoid uncontrolled pest infestation of spider mites or other sap-sucking insects, especially in a greenhouse where pests can reproduce unhindered by predator insects and wind & rain. When planted outdoor this strain is a good choice for warm temperate, mediterranean, and subtropical regions. Mold resistance is high.

Genetics: Columbian Sativa/ Haze x Satori P1
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 70 days/ mid-October (south), end of October/November (north)
Yield (dry weight): 250+ gr/m2; 500-750 gr per plant outdoor in the ground
High: crystal-clear cerebral high; expansive; active and social; energizing; transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers.
THC: 23-25%
Aroma: minty; thyme.
Medical use: excellent medical-grade marijuana for broad spectrum use. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with the medical benefits.

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Où puis-je acheter des graines de cannabis de Beyond the Brain?

Beyond the Brain de Mandala Seeds est disponible uniquement en graines régulières. Graines féminisées ne sont pas disponibles pour le moment. Dans 5 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 5 offres entre USD 41.76 pour 10 graines régulières et USD 52.20 pour 10 graines régulières. Si vous cherchez à acheter des graines de cannabis Beyond the Brain de Mandala Seeds, consultez notre page de comparaison des prix de Beyond the Brain avec toutes les offres en cours de toutes les banques de semences et de tous les magasins connectés - ou visitez directement l'un des magasins de semences testés, dignes de confiance et recommandés suivants pour découvrir leurs offres Beyond the Brain actuelles:, Oaseeds, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Herbies Head Shop and Cannapot Hanfshop.

Critiques sur Beyond the Brain

Nous avons collecté les avis de 5 cultivateurs pour Beyond the Brain.

Impression Générale à L'Intérieur

Floraison d'intérieur
72 - 84 jours (±78 jours)
Rendement / Quantité Intérieur
La récolte de cette souche est très haut
Impression Générale Intérieur
Beyond the Brain est tous ensemble fou bon variété - absolument recommandable
Puissance / Effet durable
La Marihuana affecte très forte et de longue durée
Votes de nos utilisateurs
Beyond the Brain obtenir 8.78 des 10 points possibles à la moyenne!

Connu des Phénotypes:

  1. long, tendu, floraison rapidement, indica-dominante Phénotype

Plus d'info:

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Dégustation de Beyond the Brain

Les utilisateurs de seedfinder ont testé Beyond the Brain et ont téléchargé des informations sur les goûts ou les effets de Beyond the Brain de Mandala. Voici un bref aperçu, cliquez sur les graphiques à secteurs ou sur les liens pour obtenir une description exacte et trouver des variétés de cannabis similaires!

Goût / Saveur

~3% Bois de cèdre ~6% Pignon ~5% Sol ~11% Musc ~5% Forêt ~22% Sucrée ~11% Aigre ~33% Épicé ~33% Microbiologique

Le goût / la saveur de Beyond the Brain a été qualifié de équitablement Épicé (un petit peu Pignon et aussi avec une touche de Bois de cèdre) ou Microbiologique (un petit peu Musc, Sol ou Forêt) et de un petit peu Sucrée ou Aigre. more

Effet / Impact

~13% Aactivatrice ~8% Édifiante ~4% Relaxante ~9% Pensive ~13% Méditative ~6% Attirant ~4% Psychédélique ~3% Stressant ~3% Angoissante ~1% Paranoïa ~4% Étourdissement ~7% Nerveuse / Remuante ~21% Énergétique ~4% Apéritive ~65% Mental ~35% Physiquement

Beyond the Brain a fondamentalement un effet fort sur le Mental (un petit peu Aactivatrice ou Méditative et aussi un soupçon de Attirant ou Relaxante) mais affecte également l'Physiquement (Énergétique et aussi un petit peu Nerveuse / Remuante ou Étourdissement). more

Galerie de Beyond the Brain

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Beyond the Brain Lignée / Génétique

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