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The Fire Department
Banana Berry Kush

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Banana Berry Kush
The Fire Department
intérieur, extérieur, serre
~58 jours
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Genetics: White Berry (Paradice Seeds) x Banana Kush (Ghost OG cut)
% Super potent, Colorado cup winning strain, with extremely high THC content, one of the strongest in the world in fact. If you like playing with fire then this is the ultimate strain to have in your garden. She is a bit sensitive to a new nutrient program so be careful to keep the NPK ratio in check. Lower nutrient concentrations are recommended to start out and gradually increase to optimal levels during the early stages of flowering period. Prefers more light and air than your standard hybrid so be sure to have as many PAR watts/lumens as possible. Lighter shades of green with pink hues amongst the darker colored foliage, expression from the OG genetics. Smells like overly ripe bananas/artificial banana flavored candy and a hint of raspberry fuel almost overpowering the senses. Taste is definitely not overpowering however definitely strong banana berry fuel and a bit of piney OG flavours. Superb complex uplifting/soaring high by her exquisite terpene profile.Perfectly balanced hybrid for medical multi symptom pain relief good for muscle spasms, eating disorders, and cancer patients.

Harvest is medium with trichome production out of this world!%%%

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