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Nom: BC God Bud
Eleveur: THC Seeds
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly indica
Floraison: ~69 jours
Non disponible féminisée.

THC Seeds - BC God Bud

BC God Bud is much larger yielding and better tasting than the commercial strain BC Big Bud. Now you can enjoy our Indica trophy winner that made buds grown from British Columbia world famous.

BC God Bud is short, squat and dense, with plenty of silvery resin. She has a very pungent fruit flavor that is enjoyable to smoke and taste during your exhale. A very popular plant among professional cash croppers because the bud are HUGE, dense and heavy yeilding. She finished flowering fast and grows short which is perfect for growing the Sea of Green (SOG) method. They are easy to sell because they look so yummy all covered in its silvery, gooey THC crystals.

Unlike most commercial strains, this one holds it fruity flavors even when grown with the chemical fertilizers commercials growers are famous for using, to squeeze out more profits. If you don’t have the time to wait and need a fast finishing plant, than this is your best bet, no other strain will stay as flavorful in a commercial grow op. And she is always hungry for nutrients, gobbling them up and growing super fast. The downside is, it will leave your mouth dry (cotton mouth) to avoid this, flush with pure water the last 72 hours or better yet, use soil and organic fertilizer for an even more tastier nugs.

These plants stay short at the end of flowering, you will see their bud grow thicker, but it will stop growing in height, reaching only 3 feet in height at harvest. Her bud production is maximized in smaller spaces, yet, she is not a single-cola plant, but her side branching is minimal enough to make it a sea of green choice.

Great for Indoor Growing. Prefers warmer climate like Northern California, South Western Ontario and Southern BC, but not North of Ottawa of Quebec for growing Outdoors.

BC God Bud is 80% Indica. That’s where she gets her fruit aroma’s and the other part of her is 20% Sativa giving her a hint of spicy peppery zing. She delivers a musky, tropical flavor with herbal edges and hints of lavender, berry, and pine.

Her buzz is strong and somewhat couch-lock, body buzz, with an out-of-body experience. Again, a slight creeper with long-lasting effects, starting with a calm, pleasant feeling and increasing to a more surreal, nearly hallucinogenic buzz.

She is good for general pain relief but there are better strains for this.

THC: High
Yield Indoors: 960 g/m2
Yield Outdoors: 3 pounds +
Yield Greenhouse: 3 pounds +
Genetics:God Bud X Purple Hawaiian
Cloning: Very Easy
Height: Medium Short
Flowering Indoors Hydro: 54-56 Days
Flowering Indoors Soil: 63-65 Days
Flowering Outdoors: 70 Days
Flowering Greenhouse: 70-75 Days
Medical Uses: Reduce Stress, Calming Effects, Moderate Pain Killer
Smoke Heaviness: Medium Smoke
Flavour: musky, lavender, berry, and pine
Plant Odor: Medium
Grow’s Indoor: Yes
Grow’s Outdoors: Yes, South of Ottawa
Grow’s in Greenhouse: Yes
Grow Difficulty: Moderately, Not Easy, But Not Hard
Trophy Winner: Yes
Pest Resistant: Yes
Heat and Drought Resistant: No
Wind Resistant: Yes
Mold Resistant: Yes
Cold Weather/High Altitude: Somewhat
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes: 50-90 Minutes
Time Stoned 5 tokes +: 180 Minutes
Type of Stone: Pleasant, surreal, nearly hallucinogenic

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