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Auto Jamaica

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Auto Jamaica
Bob Marley Seeds
intérieur, extérieur, serre
Floraison automatique
~70 jours (De la germination à la récolte.)
Uniquement disponible féminisée.

Auto Jamaica

Auto Jamaica Feminized is a mid-size strong Sativa-dominant strain with 25% THC, a cross between a highly energizing Jamaican Sativa (70%) and Cuban Indica (30%). Thanks to its smaller size, Auto Jamaica can easily be placed in a grow box. Also, its shorter blooming period makes the strain suitable for outdoor growing in most regions. No matter what growing setup you are using, Auto Jamaica healthy and vivid plants will flourish provided that the conditions are suitable. If growing indoors in pots, give every plant at least 14 litres root space. Some growers might want to FIM or top their Auto Jamaica plants, but it is not advisable. Since this cannabis is autoflowering, hence it must experience no stress during its vegetation, or else your plants will be smaller. Use LST or ScroG to train your Auto Jamaica cannabis. When beginning to flower, these plants obtain a sweet fruity smell that becomes stronger and may even be difficult to stand further into blooming. Out of doors Auto Jamaica is mostly harvested by end October. Smoking Auto Jamaica is best for any party, outdoor activities, romantic or erotic intercourse. May also be used as a medicine against diabetes and an appetite treatment during chemical therapy.

Type: F1, autoflowering
Genetics: Cuba, Jamaica
Flowering time: 70 days
Height: 0,8 - 1,4 m
Harvest: 350-450 g/m2

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