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Afgan Kush Ryder
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Afgan Kush Ryder (World of Seeds Bank) :: Recension de la Variété :: Indoor :: No.87951837985003777 by bomba :: Petite, compact Phénotype #2

Profil d'Plante Afgan Kush Ryder (de World of Seeds Bank)

Cette Profil d'Plante est une expression individuelle par , transféré à la 09.08.2017.

Informations sur la croissance des plantes:

De pousses latérales
forte et vigoureuse.

Impression Générale

Afgan Kush Ryder (World of Seeds Bank)
(Indoor; Petite, compact Phénotype #2)

est tous ensemble fou bon variété - absolument recommandable
(En moyenne 10 points sur une échelle entre 0 et 10 !)

Information Additionnelle

bomba estime

A great choice, especially for new growers, it just kept trucking along.I learned so much, I made every mistake but still ended up with some amazing pot.My first plant survived being over watered, under watered, ph problems, having a light dropped on it, under fertilized and over fertilized.I had heat problems and humidity problems.There are a million things you need to tune and I did them all wrong the first time and this plant just still produced a very strong and very well balanced high and as I've gotten better, so have my yields.No herms yet, knock on wood.Couldn't ask for more.As far as smokability -- I find this strain is especially good alone, but also excels in combination.It produces a strong but kind of generic high, so it seems to boost the uniqueness of what ever you pair it with. (09.08.2017, 22:23)