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Nom: AK47
Eleveur: Growers Choice
Lieu: intérieur, extérieur, serre
Type: mostly sativa
Floraison: ~63 jours
également disponible féminisée.

Growers Choice - AK47

This easy to grow plant is a very popular plant.
It has an average heith and produces lots of buds in a very short time
Extreme odour is one of the signatures of this plant.
Even the beginning growers will have good time with this one.
In the past years this strain won 8 prices in the cups including second place for
best sativa in the high times cup.

Gender: @
Bloom: 8-10 weken
Highth: 90-150cm
yield: 500-700gram/m2
Genetics: 80% sativa, 20% indica
moldresistent: high
THC/CBD : very high
Harvestmonth outdoor: october

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