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  • Service a la clientele: 4.00 4.00
  • Impression Generale: 3.71 3.71
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I bought 4x10 packs of various seeds. Worst seeds ever!!! Bulk Seeds Never Again...!!!
Grèce Août 2018 0 0 0 0.00
"Brittle" seeds, weak sprouts. Cant tell about the grow itself yet
Allemagne Mai 2018 3     3.00
Product Quality: Id say a solid 7,5 out of ten.

I am satisfied with them so far. Some strains from this breeder are the same as with the originals.

Never ordered with their shop directly, but had 60 seeds going in 2017. Because I had mixed results, mostly positive, 2018 will be done with another batch from Bulk Seeds Bank. This year in 2018 it will be NL (20), AK (20), Cheese(10), Sweet Tooth (10), Purple Glam(10), Amnesia Haze(5) and OG Kush (5).

of 60 seeds I had a 95% germination rate In 2017 out with the picked autopflowers. Healthy looking plants, which were not all the same as someone here has suggested. Only one pack, Caramel King Auto, was a bust with 0/10 and I got even those replaced over at where I ordered them.

Those who showed a bad pheno ratio were White Dwarf Auto, Critical Auto and Ananas Funk (reg. photoperiod & fem), which I would never buy again from the Bulk Seed Bank, but hey, I was in a mood to experiment and check out a few strains. On top Critical showed signs of hermis. So ill pass on that one. I got decent bud though and I was a bit surprised by the bad reputation here.

The Sour Diesel, Devils Kiss, Sweet Tooth, Cheese, Good White Shark and Purple Glam Kush were stable though, delivered up to 90g per plant and were shining with the amount of trichomes, especially the Sour Diesel, Good White Shark and Grandaddy Purple Kush fused the tips of my fingers together. If you know their best strains, they offer original genetics for less money. I use and help out friends from time to time and none have ever complained. Not the top notch genetics as with other seedbanks, where some seeds cost 10 bucks a piece, but interesting if you have to grow classics in large quantaties outdoors, e.G. do guerillia growing. I do this outdoors and the price for money-value is unbeatable. They remind me of Nirvana ~20 years ago where lots of people were ripping them apart.

I lost 38 plants due to slugs, butterfly caterpillars, boars/game eating and digging plants up completely out of the ground, several heat waves, storms/wind splitting some main stems, two floodings, mildew, budrot and two busted spots by farmers. Hard to invest in top notch genetics when you cant be around them as often.

And even if you grow indoors Id pick am AK, or Skunk/NL/Afghani related Strain from BSB over any Sensi Seeds, or Serious Seeds strain.

In my opinion as good as Female Buds, Nirvana, or Pyramid Seeds. They just dont have those exclusive creations you might find with the mentioned ones.

Cheers, hope this helps a bit.
Allemagne Janvier 2018 7 5 5 5.67
I placed an order for $175 with these folks on 09-07-2017. After completing the transaction, my money was taken but my cart was still full and I had no order confirmation. I emailed customer service, no response. Over the next several days I tried to contact these folks via email; no response.

09/27/2017 no seeds, no response from Bulk Seeds
États-Unis Septembre 2017   0 0 0.00
I place a $175.00 order. No order confirmation. No payment confirmation. Balance stills shows due, cart still full. blks. will not respond to my emails
États-Unis Septembre 2017   0 0 0.00
Ich habe mit Bulk Seeds bis jetzt gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Habe Die NYC Diesel und Caramelking als Autoversion indoor gezogen und bin von den Pflanzen und dem Endprodukt sehr überzeugt. Nein, es war nicht mein erster grow und ich wurde für diese Bewertung nicht entlohnt ;-) .
Allemagne Avril 2017 8 0 8 5.33
fast delivery, well packaged, seeds are mature, well marbled look very healthy
États-Unis Mars 2017   10 9 9.50
Very patient customer service. Prices too good to turn down. And I got a t-shirt.
États-Unis Janvier 2017 10 10 10 10.00
Worst seeds ever! What a waste of money!
I will never buy from this seed bank ever again.
Purchased 100 seeds of five various strains, 95% germination which was good.
But in the end very poor quality weed, all 5 strains were the same.
40%mutation rate with virtually no trichomes and I have been growing for many years.
Pays-Bas Janvier 2017 0 0 0 0.00
genetic are not those described. Plants all different both in size and quality too.
  Juin 2016        
I never order online too much can go wrong so I travel and buy direct.
Anyway purchased 20 ananas funk, 30 critical mass, 10 purple glam kush 10 black domina autos and 10 amnesia haze autos.
All very unstable plants, lots of problems throughout entire grow, Im no beginner been growing for over 20 years and know my stuff, never had problems like this in all my growing years.
You get what you pay for I suppose.
  Juin 2016 0     0.00
I ordered seeds and paid 0.427 by BitCoin but since no reply shopping cart Novembre 2015        

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