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Reeferman seeds Seedbank Review

Reefermans Seeds

Paiement par: Versements bancaires, Argent, Carte de credit, Mandat postal
Situé United States.

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  • La qualite du produit: 4.75 4.75
  • Vitesse de livraison: 6.75 6.75
  • Service a la clientele: 3.14 3.14
  • Impression Generale: 4.88 4.88
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Reeferman seeds de semences est repertorie comme «gris» au SeedFinder. Cela signifie que nous n'avons pas beaucoup d'informations a propos de cette banque de graines - vous devriez avoir une vue de l'utilisateur, avis ou essayer par soi a vos propres risques. Btw... Cette societe est inscrite en tant que eleveur de l'SeedFinder...

Evaluations des utilisateurs

Utilisateur Commentaires de l'utilisateur Commande par Date Q F S Impression Generale
got 5 seeds as a free bee and I had only bought 1 ten pack of seeds so I thought that was awesome of them. I had gotten nSpectas Bubbas Bitch, and they were strong , ranky, Super Bad Ass Bitchs
États-Unis Avril 2019 9 9 9 9.00
I ordered , paid and have been waiting over a month now and seen nothing. Ive called a number of times spoke with Al Mckenzie who continues to say they will be sent the next day and on and on. I am sure that this company is a complete scam. beware. The other company that is working with reeferman is old school breeders association. This is the web site I placed the order with so Im amusing they are also a fake company ran by the same crooks.
Canada Septembre 2017     0 0.00
Ordered on the 27 November 2017 A month went by did not receive my package contacted reefer man seeds spoke to Charles Scott he said with the holidays everything got messed up would resend my order another month went by I contact him again he said he just moved and whit every thing going on it didnt get sent out he said he would send again never received my package its now February 5, 2017 and I ordered in November 27, 2016 he took me for a huge order just want to let people know have a dank day
États-Unis Février 2017     0 0.00
I ordered Reeferman Seeds Hao Bac Feminized - guess what, it wasnt feminized or even hermying. Straight male plant. Then, there was no original packaging, so there was no way to confirm that these were even the right seeds. The seeds were shipped in crushproof plastic squares. Lastly, the plant did not smell like a Southeast Asian sativa, more like an Indica. His seeds would not be overpriced if they were the real deal. However, they are not in my experience.
Pays-Bas Septembre 2016 0 8 3 3.67
Never get my Order and after email Contact, he said the Beans where send out.
Lost 250 Euros and will never order again from Charles.
Pays-Bas Février 2016 0 0 0 0.00
His genetics rock! Very high germ rate. He knows his business and the customer service is excellent. James Bean is another awesome bank. They have excellent genetics and fast shipping and customer service.
États-Unis Février 2016 10 10 10 10.00
Charles Scott what a dick takes your money and there not cheap beans and no confirmation of order no responding to repeated emails and six weeks later i think i can count my money gone. after talking to a few other seedbank owners its well known he is a wanker and gives a bad name to them all. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COCKSUCKER
Australia Mars 2015     0 0.00

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